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episteme noun


Episteme is an ancient greek word for a body of knowledge that shapes the understanding of true knowledge.

Here at Melbourne Wedding Co, we believe this is the best way to explain what we do. Years of experience in high end photography along with our unwavering commitment to our customers have developed some of the industries best results - through unparalleled in house processes and know how. Discover why we are the leading choice for wedding photography, cinematography and event services. 

Enduring, time-tested processes 

We believe that our photography and cinematography should deliver a timeless quality, worthy of the everlasting passion in your relationship. Utilising the latest Carl Zeiss optics and ultra high resolution cameras - we deliver every moment in an unprecedentedly clear nature. 

In house creative team

Melbourne Wedding Co is a division of EP Group - a leading Australian events and media business. Our passionate team have years of experience in events, commercial media and high end photography. Discover our whole business at

A once in a lifetime occasion deserves to be cherished forever. Experience your wedding captured to it's full potential with one of Australia's best wedding creative teams.

Enzo & Tran's Wedding

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